Lone Mesa Author Services

Editorial, Graphic Design and Publishing Specialists

Editing and Formatting

Critique Only

$2.00/page (based on 250 words/page)
  • Work is read for plot line, story and character development, and flow.
  • Author receives a concise report of suggested improvements.
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Substantive Edit

Most Comprehensive Edit
$2.50/page (based on 250 words/page)
  • Line-by-line edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, word use, etc.
  • Also editing for story flow, plot holes, character development, etc.
  • May include rearranging or re-wording parts of the author’s work to improve readability and flow.
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Least Comprehensive Editing
$ 1.75/250 words
  • This edit is done after all other changes have been made and the book is formatted for publication.
  • A final read-through to make sure errors were not introduced during the formatting phase and to catch additional errors that may have been missed during earlier edits or introduced during earlier corrections.
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